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Beware Unethical Roofers Offering To Pay Your Deductible!

Posted on 7 May, 2015 at 21:50

Unfortunately, after every natural disaster, like the hail damage many recieved in Tomball, there comes a string of con artists trying to capitalize on others misfortunes. They will say just about anything to get your business just to make a quick dollar. For instance, we are hearing from some of the people we are bidding roofs for that other roofers are offering to pay their deductible for them. This is against the law and is a possible felony for all involved.  Another thing you, as a consumer, need to look for is insurance.  There are many "fly by night" roofers that do not even carry insurance on their crew. What does this mean to you? Well, if someone gets hurt while installing your roof, you could be a prime candidate for a lawsuit.  Also, ask about the materials they are using....what is the warranty of your roof? Lastly, be sure your roofing company has good references. The last thing you want is a new roof and then, a leak, and you can't find your roofing company in 6 months. We, here at Countrywide Roofing, are currently employed by Beazer Homes. They have very strict policies on who they employ. We also carry a 2 million dollar insurance policy for our protection and yours! We use Certainteed products which carry a 50 year warranty and we are local, from Tomball. In fact, I believe, give the chance, we will underbid anyone else simply due to the volume we buy our products for. So, give us a call and let us bid your roof!  832 466 4984.

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